Smelly Rose Beauty

Blooming Flowers


Our Blooming Flowers bath salts are infused with natural essential oils & beautiful rose and lavender flowers. Made with pure positive intentions and love, treat yourself!

  • Geranium oil: extracted from the geranium plant, beautiful floral scent, relieves pain, relieves stress & anxiety, natural antioxidant, anti-inflammatory.
  • Lavender oil: distilled from the plant Lavandula aingustifolia, promotes relaxation, helps reduce anxiety, antifungal, reduces menstrual cramps and so much more.
  • Epsom salt: soothes inflammation, reduces soreness & pain, promotes foot health, softens skin, and reduces stress. 
  • Pink Himalayan sea salt: reduces fatigue, creates calming effect, promotes positive emotional health

Ingredients: Lavender & Geranium essential oil, baking soda, Espom salt, Pink Himalayan sea salt, rose & lavender flowers.